Senior SaintSenior Saints

Fun Time!!  Have you ever had such a good time as when a group of Senior Saints get together and start reminiscing?  Boy, do we need that and so much more as we see the DAY approaching.  "Getting old ain't for sissies" is one of the familiar comments we hear.  The only thing more real and sincere than a little child is a godly Senior Saint.

One of the highlights of our year is a Senior Saint Luncheon that is hosted by the Junior class young people specifically for our Senior Saints.  It is a great time of food and fellowship centered around the young people ministering with their talents.

Every month there is a rotating agenda to our fellowship.  One month we meet and determine where we will go visit friends, shut-ins, or hospital patients and afterward meet together for lunch.  The next month we meet in the Fellowship Center and everyone brings a little something to eat while we enjoy a meal, some fun time, a spiritual challenge and fellowship.

Occasionally, we plan day trips or have spontaneous dining activities.  This group doesn't need much of an excuse to be together and laugh.  Without doubt, our Senior Saints have the most to share about the faithfulness of God and His mercy.  Together, we continue to strive to serve the will of God in our lives and enjoy the fellowship and caring for one another.